Small Business Award Nominations

Thank you for participating in the Small Business of the Month program. Here are a few guidelines to ease the process.

  1. Self-nominations are allowed, but all applicants must be a small business and a member of the Robins Regional Chamber.
  2. The nomination process will yield a Small Business of the Month for every qualifying month, and ultimately one annual winner.
  3. Potential winners will demonstrate:
    • - A commitment to small business advocacy
    • - A proven history of voluntary efforts and endeavors to advance small business and improve the conditions for small businesses
    • - Success and growth as a small business
    • - Any other accomplishments demonstrating merit as an effective advocate for small business interests

Please provide the following information on your nominee:

Sole Proprietorship

Please list in 150 words or less why this business should be considered for the award.

Required: Please provide the following information on yourself: