Promote Your Chamber Membership!

Membership Decal

Let your customers know you are part of one of the most active chambers of commerce in America.  Display your decal proudly.  Decals are sent to all current members at the start of each year and they are provided to new members as they join throughout the year.   Need an extra decal?  Call the Chamber at 478-922.8585.

Electronic Member Logo

As a Chamber Member, you are entitled to use the Chamber's membership logo as long as your membership is in good standing.  Members who are terminated for any reason are not authorized to utilize the logo.

Downloadable Versions

You may utilize downloadable versions for use in print or other advertising.  By downloading and using these graphics, you agree to the terms and conditions below.

  • Smaller (200 pixels) PNG for direct linking, use this code:
  • Medium (300 pixels) PNG for direct linking, use this code:
  • Larger (500 pixels) PNG for direct linking, use this code:

Additional sizes and formats are available upon request.  Contact the Chamber at 478.922.8585.

Member Logo Usage Guidelines

  • The use of the Chamber's logo for promoting membership MUST be  accompanied by the verbiage that includes the word "member" and the year.  Usage without the appropriate and current year is not permitted.
  • Logos may be used as long as the member continues to be a member in  good standing.  Upon termination of membership, all printed materials  using the Chamber logo must be destroyed and all property brandishing the
    logo must have the logo removed. This includes membership decals,  delivery trucks, websites, etc. The logo, and any chamber-provided  collateral (including the decal) utilizing a membership logo is the property  of the Robins Regional Chamber and is licensed for use only by members in  good standing.