Faith & Religion

For a list of Robins Regional Chamber of Commerce member churches, please click here.

The Robins Region is home to a well-rounded spiritual community that includes all faiths and belief systems. More than 100 congregations call Warner Robins home, and their houses of worship come alive when residents gather within them.

The Robins Region has everything from white clapboard churches straight off a picture postcard to super-modern structures with audio/video systems that could rival any sports arena. Big or small, these houses of worship are an important part of our community's commitment to the past, present, and future. 

Many local churches offer childcare, preschool, and after-school programs. Special group ministries and activities include programs for singles, children, youth, women's ministries, contemporary services, and study groups.

The Robins Region's religious congregations also reach out into the community with invaluable services such as operating area shelters and food pantries, setting up job search and networking groups, providing grief support and counseling, and so much more.  This is a community where freedom of worship and an atmosphere of cooperation, tolerance, and respect for the beliefs of others are a way of life.