The Robins Region's interstates, airports, and railroads make it easy for both travelers and goods to move effortlessly in and out of the area. Situated near the junction of two interstate highways, the Robins Region is easily accessible from practically anywhere in the Southeast. Shuttle service, rail service, and air service are convenient, and Warner Robins is only a modest three-hour drive from Georgia's deepwater port at Savannah.


Warner Robins is located east of Interstate 75 and about 18 miles south of the junction of I-75 and Interstate 16 in Macon. Other major highways connecting Warner Robins to the rest of Middle Georgia and the state are U.S. Highway 41, which runs north-south on the west side of Warner Robins; U.S. 129, which runs north-south on the east side of the city between Warner Robins and Robins Air Force Base; U.S. 247, which runs east-west through Warner Robins and is a main commercial thoroughfare also known as Watson Boulevard; and U.S. 96, which runs east-west to the south of Warner Robins. Warner Robins' proximity to these major interstates and federal highways makes trucking goods in to and out of Warner Robins easy.

Shuttle Service

Relax and leave the driving to someone else! Door-to-door shuttle service provides safety, comfort, and convenience for travelers to destinations throughout the state, including transportation to Amtrak and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta.
GA Peach Shuttle
478-956-3576 or 478-213-1544 (after hours)

Rail Service

Norfolk-Southern and CSX support Warner Robins businesses with rail service in the area.


Georgia has two modern, deep-water Atlantic Ocean ports: Savannah (165 miles) and Brunswick (223 miles). The nearest navigable river is the Chattahoochee River with a public barge dock at Columbus (104 miles).

Air Service

Air service into Warner Robins is highly accessible and convenient, whether via commercial flight or corporate/private plane. Scheduled commercial commuter airline flights are available four miles north of Warner Robins at Middle Georgia Regional Airport, connecting to domestic and international jet service 100 miles north at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Corporate and general aviators can use the Middle Georgia Regional Airport, Perry-Houston County Airport (12 miles south of Warner Robins), or Warner Robins Air Park.

Middle Georgia Regional Airport has two lighted asphalt runways, one 6,501 feet and one 5,001 feet, a staffed control tower, a passenger terminal, aircraft hangars and tie-downs, and a full-service fixed base operator.

Perry-Houston County Airport has one 5,002-foot lighted runway, aircraft hangars and tie-downs, and fixed base operator service.

Warner Robins Air Park, privately owned but available for public use, has one 2,833-foot turf runway edged with low-intensity lights, and aircraft tie-downs.

Middle Georgia Regional Airport
1000 Terminal Dr., Macon, GA 31297
Perry-Houston County Airport
200 Myrtle Field Rd., Perry, GA 31069
Warner Robins Air Park
123 Air Park Dr., Warner Robins, GA 31088